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Update Screenings Schedule (8/18/06).

Screening at the 92nd Street Y

Sat, Aug 12, 2006, 9:00pm
Sat, Aug 19, 2006, 9:00pm,
Steinhardt Building,
35 West 67th Street
NY, NY 10023


Toronto Film Festival 1/26/05-2/6/05
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

International Film Festival Rotterdam 1/26-2/6/05
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Weeping Willow Film Festival 2/13/05
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

True/False Film Festival 2/25-27/05
Columbia, MO

SXSW Film Festival 3/11-19/05
Austin, TX

Wisconsin Film Festival 3/31-4/3/05
Madison, WI

7th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 4/1-10/05
Thessaloniki, Greece

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 4/7-10/05
Durham, NC

Nashville Film Festival 4/14-21/05
Nashville, TN

7 Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 4/12- 24/05 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seattle International Film Festival 5/19-6/12/05
Seattle, WA

Sydney Film Festival 6/11-26/05
Sydney, Australia

Los Angeles Film Festival 6/16-26/05
Los Angeles, CA
Munich Film Festival 6/25-7/2/05
Munich, Germany

37th Auckland International Film Festival
Auckland, New Zealand

34th Wellington Film Festival 7/15-31/05
Wellington, New Zealand

Melbourne International Film Festival 7/21-8/8/05
Melbourne, Australia

Cested Butte Reel Fest 8/10-14/05
Crested Butte, CO

Woodstock Film Festival 9/28-10/2/05
Woodstock, NY

Popcorn Film Festival 10/9/05
Stockholm, Sweden

Bergen International Film Festival 10/20-26/05
Bergen, Norway

London Film Festival 10/19-11/3/05
London, England

CPH:DOX 05 (Dokumentar Film Festival) 11/4-13/05
Copenhagen, Denmark

Ballroom Marfa 11/18-19/05
Marfa, TX

Oslo International Film Festival 11/17-27/05
Olso, Norway

Gijón International Film Festival 11/24-12/2/05
Gijon, Spain